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plus-sized body confidence: beginner mode

plus-sized body confidence: expert mode

 oh, my gosh. look at her butt.

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Anaconda / BEYONCÉ  : Analogies


"we want justice in america!"


"but first we as a people need to stop …"


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Fox News are reporting that Mike Brown may have attacked Darren Wilson with a samurai sword, an AK47 and Thor’s hammer prior to being shot by him.



CNN confirms this to be true by an anonymous caller to a local radio station who wasn’t there but has first hand knowledge of what happened.

Drag they ass to high hell

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when ur trying to act chill


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In response to the GoFundMe Campaign for Darren Wilson, people are asking GoFundMe to close the account due to the fact that it incites hate and obviously violates their terms and conditions

The donors and the comments attached to the campaign are sick and simply racist. They asking for the “Killing of N*****s”, “purging the savages” and to support a “fellow White” individual that has the right to murder Black people.

Pass this around. Report the Darren Wilson page as for the violation

I will add their contact info as soon as I find it. 

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